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My Top 5 steals of the 2011 NBA DRAFT:
(from top to bottom, left to right)

1. Jeremy Tyler [Golden State Warriors]

If he took the traditional route and went to college, then Jeremy Tyler could’ve been a top 10 draft pick in my opinion. However, since he decided to skip his senior year in HS and play professional overseas, his immaturity led to his downfall. Tyler bounced back by having a decent season with the Tokyo Apache in Japan. Even though they are mediocre at best, Tyler showed he was ready to grow up and take on the big boys down back in his hometown. Although it may take him a couple years to get comfortable in the NBA, Golden State picking him was a great gamble because they are in need of a big man for the future.

2. Kenneth Faried [Denver Nuggets]

Tenacity and having the willingness to play “garbage ball” is what every team needs. When I say garbage ball, I mean crashing the boards for both offensive and defensive rebounds, diving on the floor for every loose ball and not giving an inch offensively or defensively. Clearly, Faried has made his mark by his high motor on both ends of the floor as shown being the leader in NCAA for most rebounds in a season and 3rd in most rebounds of all-time in NCAA history. At this point in time, Denver is still searching for their go-to-guy and an identity in the league after the departure of Carmelo Anthony. Although it is clear Faried will NOT be their go-to-guy, it is always nice to have a player in the Marcus Camby mold on your team fighting every possession. Teams will kick themselves in the years to come for passing on a rare player such as Faried.

3. Josh Selby [Memphis Grizzlies]

From a highschool phenom to a mediocre freshman, Selby has perhaps had the worst luck of any player in the 2011 NBA Draft. Once regarded as the clear cut #1 in his senior year at highschool, violations with the Kansas team and inconsistent play had paid a toll on young Selby, being evident at the 49th pick in what is supposingly a weak NBA Draft. However, Selby has made a name and reputation for himself via youtube and the many charity games he’s taken apart of during the NBA lockout tenure. On of his famous moments was the battle he had with Brandon Jennings on the court (in basketball terms), search it up on google.
What I dont like about Selby is whether or not he will have a defined role on a young and up and coming Memphis team that has already proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the NBA. Should the Grizzles mess their chemistry and play the young man some solid mintues, or trade him away and possibly regret it in the future? What’s certain is that all eyes will be on Selby during the season from his coaches, teammates and especially those viewers on youtube whose seen what amazing abilities he has under his belt.

4. Shelvin Mack [Washington Wizards]

Mack has proven that he is a winner, and knows how to get the job done on the court for his team. Despite the depressing loss to Kemba Walker and the UCONN Huskies in the 2011 NCAA finals, Shelvin has proved to be a force down in clutch time. Being the starting PG for a experienced Butler team from freshman to junior years, he has lots of experience and is able to run a team. Although scouts say that Mack is not very fast, his athletic ability is quite deceptive. Mack measured higher than average stats on vertical jumps, sprints and other various tests. Shelvin is coming into an NBA team that is still quite young and immature, but is poised to be on the rise. Although he will always be playing in the shadows on John Wall in Washington, Mack can make a name for himself by being the leader of a young Wizards second unit. With the experience he has soaked through his years at Butler, Macks adjustment to the NBA game shouldn’t be too hard at best.

5. Tyler Honeycutt [Sacramento Kings]

Tyler Honeycutt has always been on the outside looking in ever since being in highschool. With his UCLA team being average at best, Honeycutt was not in any position to “wow” scouts. However, those who did watch him play know that he is something special and has lots of potential. Honeycutt is more of a late bloomer as seen in his physical stature. He is a bit skinny, but makes up for it by being a slashy player who isn’t one to shy away from contact. Defenders also have to play honest against him because Honeycutt’s jumpshot is very dependable. Tyler has the tools to play in the NBA for a long period of time, but I believe he will never be in the position to become an all star player. A team such as Sacramento has many players what people like to call as “ball-hogs” (Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins, Jimmer Fredette, John Salmons-ish) so it’ll be hard for Honeycutt to make a name for himself for a couple years, if not a full season at best. Honeycutt is in the position to be one of the main threats for Sacramento’s 2nd unit. Like many other rookies in the NBA, it will take some time for him to adjust physically and mentally. Come a few years, Honeycutt should have no problem average a 12-14 ppg at best.

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